Turbot's fundamental goal is to solve configuration governance for the enterprise in a dynamic, ever-changing landscape. Its modular design allows it to be fully extensible. Turbot provides integrations for common solutions, including AWS, Azure, and GCP.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Onboard your AWS accounts
Microsoft Azure Onboard your Azure subscriptions
Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Onboard your GCP Projects

Check out Best Practices for importing AWS accounts, Azure subscriptions, and GCP Projects to ensure smooth onboarding!

Using a custom API Endpoint for Event Handling

Most organizations have strict requirements around the flow of information, both where it enters the internal network and where it leaves. Turbot supports the use of a customer managed reverse proxy as well as AWS' API Gateway as a service. In either case, Turbot requires just one policy setting in the application to facilitate proper event message handling.

These steps require Turbot to be installed and the UI accessible via a browser. Turbot/Admin permissions are required at the Turbot level to set this policy.

  1. Log into Turbot , then click on the Policies tab.
  2. Click on the New Policy Setting button marked in green.
  3. Click on the Policy Type field, search for the string gateway domain name. Select the result with the title Turbot > Workspace > Gateway Domain Name.
  4. Select the Resource as Turbot.
  5. In the Setting text field, input either the API Gateway CNAME or invoke URL. If using a custom reverse proxy, this policy value will be the custom CNAME or API URL defined by the organization.
  6. Click Create. Continue to the AWS, Azure, or GCP integration pages to add accounts into Turbot and configure event handlers for real-time discovery and remediation.