Is there a set of Mods that need to be installed before importing GCP projects?

Yes! The @turbot/GCP and @turbot/gcp-iam mods must be installed prior to importing a GCP project. Service specific mods, such as @turbot/gcp-computeengine, must also be installed to populate relevant policies and controls. Check out our recommended baseline mods for any new environment.

Where can I restrict which regions Turbot is monitoring?

Turbot will monitor all GCP regions by default. Using the GCP > Turbot > Regions policy, organizations can restrict which regions Turbot monitors. The expected format is an array of regions names. This policy is the default value for all service Regions policies, such as GCP > Compute Engine > Instance > Regions. It is important to note that any resource in a region not listed will not be recorded in the Turbot CMDB.