Azure FAQs

Where can I find a list of Azure mods developed by Turbot?

Turbot publishes mod information on our Mods page. From here, searching Azure will populate the list with mods specifically for a variety of Azure services. Selecting the mod will display the Readme (if there is one), Inspect (a list of controls, resource types, and policies contained in said policy), Dependencies, as well as Versions.

What API is Turbot making requests to when Event Polling is configured?

Turbot queries the Azure Audit Logs (Monitor) service for a list of all changes within the window defined via the Turbot policy, Azure > Turbot > Event Poller > Window, at an interval defined by the policy Azure > Turbot > Event Poller > Interval. Note that the window policy setting must be greater than the interval, and it is recommended to be at least twice the interval. More detailed information about the policies can be found by inspecting the Azure Mod, as well as the Azure Event Poller page.