Cloud infrastructure constantly changes to meet the demands of modern applications. One of the fundamental assumptions of Turbot is that the management and governance of these applications must also be dynamic - Turbot responds in real time to changes in your environment to assure that your applications continue to operate securely and reliably. The Activity page provides visibility into the changes that are occurring in your environment.

Notifications represent significant events in the lifecycle of your infrastructure, including:

  • History of change for a resource (e.g. my-bucket).
  • A log of state changes and actions performed by a control (e.g. my-bucket Tags).
  • Changes to policy settings, and the specific policy values they update.
  • Records of permission grants, activations, deactivations and revocations.
Turbot creates a Bucket created notification when it detects that a new S3 Bucket has been created. This notification includes the bucket name, the creation time, and the person who created it, as well as detailed log information.

Turbot maintains a history of all notifications that you can search and filter, providing an audit trail of everything that occurs in your environment. Turbot notifications contain detailed information about who made the change, the state/value before and after, the timestamp, and other important information. You can use the activity pane to determine who made a change, the difference between the before and after values, and the subsequent related events. In addition, you can view patterns in activity to help determine impacts, systemic problems, and other trends.


Activity logs are displayed throughout the Turbot user interface. These are available and browsable on demand, including historical information.

Notifications may be filtered and queried using the Turbot filter language

Notification Types

Item Action Notification Type Description
Action Notify action_notify When a Turbot action invokes a notify command during a run.
Control Notify control_notify When a Turbot control invokes a notify command during a run.
Control Updated control_updated When a Turbot control is updated. Notifications will be sent if and only if a control changes state, i.e. ok -> alarm, invalid -> ok, etc. If the control updates but the state does NOT change, no notification will be generated.
Favorite Created favorite_created When a favorite is created for a resource.
Favorite Deleted favorite_deleted When a favorite is deleted for a resource.
Grant Activation Created active_grants_created When a Turbot grant is activated.
Grant Activation Deleted active_grants_deleted When a Turbot grant is deleted.
Grant Created grant_created When a Turbot grant is created. By default in the UI "Activate for immediate use" is checked. In that case, a grant_created notification is generated followed by active_grants_created.
Grant Deleted grant_deleted When a Turbot grant is deleted.
Policy Setting Created policy_setting_created When a new Turbot policy setting is created.
Policy Setting Deleted policy_setting_deleted When an existing Turbot policy setting is deleted.
Policy Setting Updated policy_setting_updated When an existing Turbot policy setting is updated.
Policy Value Updated policy_value_updated When a Turbot policy value is updated.
Resource Created resource_created When a new resource is created in Turbot.
Resource Deleted resource_deleted When a resource in Turbot is deleted.
Resource Updated resource_updated When a resource in Turbot is updated.