Turbot Customer & Partner References

Turbot Customer References

Accelerating AWS DevOps for McGraw-Hill Education with Turbot

McGraw-Hill Education (MHE) has partnered with Turbot to reduce repetitive manual effort and break down barriers for DevOps teams. Turbot's Software Defined Operations platform allows MHE to quickly deliver consistent, reliable and compliant development environments, while MHE's continuous integration / continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline connects these on-demand development environments to isolated production accounts, enabling what MHE calls "Accelerated Development".

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Turbot + AWS: Enabling Celgene's Innovation While Protecting the Enterprise

Prior to Celgene's use of Turbot, AWS was off-limits to research due to security concerns. By bringing on Turbot, which can easily isolate workloads and supervises access, Celgene Research has been able to conduct HPC simulations across thousands of nodes in a secure yet flexible manner. Minimization of potential blast radius of applications has been crucial in gaining acceptance from security and the overall enterprise.

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Accelerating Scientific Computing with DevOps and Automation with RCH

Scientific computing (also computational science) is a rapidly growing multi-disciplinary field that leverages large-scale data-driven science enabled by extensive computational resources.

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Regeneron Genetics Center accelerating Genetics Research with Turbot & AWS

Turbot is helping Regeneron Genetics Center (RGC) in AWS to manage their genetics research including EC2, Redshift, RDS, S3 and more. Turbot's out-of-the-box features saved RGC over 2 years of implementation time of having a secure, compliant, and production ready cloud ecosystem for their genomics workloads in AWS.

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Turbot Enables Central Kentucky Wildlife Hospital to Securely Backup Medical Records

Turbot worked with the local IT team to understand their requirements and map a solution using AWS' Simple Storage Service (S3) to deliver 99.999999999% durability for the medical records, while Turbot's Software Defined Operations platform assisted the business team in meeting all the security and regulatory requirements they were accountable for.

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Turbot Partner References

Turbot and CloudCheckr Work Together to Save Customers Time and Money

Together, Turbot and CloudCheckr, work seamlessly to protect, automate and synchronize these capabilities with Turbot's hierarchical user and multi-account model. This simplifies setup of CloudCheckr within your environment, ensuring you are accelerating utilization across all of your AWS accounts.

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Securing Cloud Workloads with Turbot & Alert Logic

Alert Logic and Turbot can help your organization secure and protect your environment without creating additional overhead on your teams, and in many cases, taking on the responsibility so your teams can focus on creating business value.

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