screaming in the cloud podcast with Turbot's Chris Farris

Turbot is excited to have one of our own as a guest on Screaming in the Cloud, a technology podcast hosted by Cloud Economist & self-proclaimed snarky person Corey Quinn. The podcast episode Solving for Cloud Security at Scale, is a discussion between Chris and Corey on how Chris wound up in the world of DevRel at Turbot and what he sees for the future of multi-cloud security practitioners. Chris explains that while 90% of what he works on revolves around AWS, it’s important to close the gap on learning the other cloud providers because they make up more than 10% of his risk. Chris also discusses why tools like Steampipe are important for its broad coverage of cloud services, and his suggestions on how to approach security and compliance controls for new capabilities like Tailscale. He also reveals his major concerns about Azure, the potential of a return to on-prem for sovereign data reasons, and Oracle’s interesting approach to entering the cloud development arena.

For a single SQL interface to query & report across all your cloud, SaaS, & data sources, try our open source project Steampipe.

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