We are proud to announce our expansion of Turbot Cloud, Turbot's SaaS distribution, to include Europe as an additional region to our existing United States hosting option. Turbot Cloud EU was added to satisfy the growing global customer demand for Turbot's Cloud Governance Platform. Organizations requiring full control of their Turbot Cloud Governance Platform, will continue to use our Turbot Enterprise distribution which customers host Turbot themselves in any standard AWS Region or AWS GovCloud Region.

Turbot's Cloud and Enterprise distributions are the same feature rich offerings including the capabilities for a cloud scale CMDB with real-time discovery, the most advanced governance policy engine with 7000+ pre-canned policies to detect & repair misconfigurations, and a robust hierarchical identity engine which ensures preventative & time based role based access controls. Turbot Cloud EU expansion extends the benefit we already provide to our customers which help them go faster, safely as their cloud adoption scales. Additional hosting options are necessary to satisfy growing privacy concerns with data sovereignty, and also to provide reduced latency for a better EU customer experience.

"We are adding multiple region locations for Turbot Cloud in response to our rapid expansion in Europe." said David Boeke, CTO and VP of Services at Turbot. "Our customers range from hosting Turbot Enterprise under their own control, or leverage our Turbot Cloud SaaS platform for a faster delivery of getting started."

Turbot Cloud EU provides certainty for our EU customers focused on privacy laws such as EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to ensure control over data sovereignty and data processing is maintained in the EU. In addition, Turbot's automated governance controls for GDPR enforce continuous compliance in customer's AWS, Azure and GCP environments to demonstrate adherence to GDPR for data encryption, confidentiality, integrity, availability, resilience, sovereignty, and boundary protection.

Turbot will continue to invest in additional Turbot Cloud region hosting locations to meet customer growth demands. Connect with us to learn more about our Turbot Cloud and Turbot Enterprise offerings.