screaming in the cloud podcast

Turbot is excited to be featured on Screaming in the Cloud, a technology podcast hosted by Cloud Economist & self-proclaimed snarky person Corey Quinn. Tune in to Cloud Governance Made Easy, an invigorating conversation between Corey and David Boeke, CTO & VP Services at Turbot, as they discuss how Turbot's cloud governance platform solves complex challenges faced by enterprises when implementing a cloud governance strategy. Turbot is a cloud governance platform that instantly discovers resource changes and automates remediation using a consistent and unified policy language across Multi-Cloud, SaaS, Operating Systems and Containers.

In Episode #121, Corey and David delve into the complexities of cloud governance at scale, specifically how businesses in highly-regulated industries ensure adherence to security and compliance frameworks without limiting growth in the cloud. With cloud service providers such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud, IBM Cloud, etc, constantly releasing new offerings, it's critical that enterprise cloud teams have the ability to safely and rapidly unlock these capabilities. During the episode, David draws on his own experience as senior director of enterprise cloud architecture at a large pharmaceutical corporation and points out that governance automation is essential to keep up with the rapid pace of change within the cloud industry.

David Boeke: "We designed Turbot from the ground up-as a governance platform-as tooling for people who like to build things in the Cloud. if you love cloud-native, you're going to love Turbot. We're a single platform that you install, and run, and can discover resources across all of your clouds, and then we have a ton of built-in automations within the tool that help you do interesting things with that data."

Learn more about Turbot's Cloud Governance Controls by downloading our latest whitepaper and connecting with us for a demo today.