With more employees working from home than ever before, the need to control and govern your AWS Workspaces is increasing dramatically. You and your team are likely thinking about this issue already. With a remote workforce, how are you going to meet encryption standards? How are you going to monitor usage runtime so your cloud bill doesn't run up?

Large enterprises are shifting their end user computing to AWS Workspaces. Organizations such as Biogen have moved tens of thousands of their desktops and application infrastructure to the cloud to help IT be more efficient and help their employees be more productive.

Governance Controls for the Modern Remote Workforce
Watch: AWS re:Invent Leadership Session: Using AWS End User Computing Services for
Your Modern Workforce

Vijay Laxmi, Principal I&O at Biogen, highlighted the power of Turbot's cloud governance platform, stating "we use Turbot for full [cloud] automation". By relying on Turbot, Biogen was able to quickly and safely take advantage of AWS End User Computing Services for their distributed workforce.

Turbot provides a foundation which enables customers like Biogen to achieve agility, ensure control and automate best practices using automated governance controls. Automating the foundation allowed Biogen to focus less time managing a cloud platform, and more time focusing on business applications such as their global AWS Workspaces deployment. Turbot's cloud governance platform has over 7000+ out-of-the-box policies; specifically for AWS Workspaces Turbot provides guardrails designed to enforce and ensure:

  • Consistent naming syntax across your Workspaces
  • Static and dynamically derived key value pairs for tagging compliance
  • Encryption standards required on your Workspaces
  • Network boundaries are protected only to your network
  • Usage runtime is optimized for end user availability
  • Availability and health of Workspaces
  • Only approved image / bundles are used for Workspaces

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