Turbot and Secure Sky

Turbot is pleased to announce its new strategic partnership with SecureSky, headquartered in Omaha, NE and founded by seasoned cybersecurity professionals, with extensive experience in managed security services, security operations, application development and security consulting. They work closely with CISOs, business leaders and industry-leading partners to provide our clients with cutting edge services.

Bob Tordella, Turbot VP Operations said, "Turbot's automated cloud governance platform is a great addition to the cloud security services and technology offered by SecureSky, providing an effective solution to allow enterprise development teams self-service while the enterprise cloud team can ensure security, compliance, operations and cost controls in real-time. We look forward to offering these combined capabilities to our joint client base."

"With workload migration to the cloud, the lines between DevOps and security are rapidly dissolving," said Corey Meyer, SecureSky Chief Operating Officer. "With SecureSky's development of a leading proactive security protection and automation platform, we are excited to partner with Turbot, a leading deployment and management provider, to offer our clients a true cross-cloud DevSecOps solution."

We believe our joint go to market solution will enable us to provide seamless risk and threat visibility, control, and protection across enterprise IaaS PaaS, and SaaS environments.

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