Turbot, the world leader in Software Defined Operations, is constantly building new guardrails to ensure that your cloud infrastructure is secure, compliant, scalable, and cost optimized. With our most recent update, we are proud to announce that Turbot now offers over 1,000 guardrails.

Turbot automates and enforces a combination of preventive and detective controls that provide guardrails at the Networking, Infrastructure, Operating System, Database, and Application layers while giving Application Teams direct access and management of their own AWS, Azure, and GCP environments. Turbot allows the central IT team to depend on Turbot to automatically manage their cloud ecosystem, allowing them to focus less time managing their cloud platform and more time supporting their business. “Our pace of innovation has been increasing” stated Nathan Wallace, Turbot’s CEO. “2018 will be a very exciting year for the product as we continue to evolve new features to support our customers.”

Turbot’s engineering and product teams bring decades of combined experience enabling cloud strategy for the largest global companies (including highly regulated businesses in Life Sciences, Healthcare, Financial Services, and Technology industries). Turbot’s Software Defined Operations platform now delivers over 1,000 configurable guardrails specifically tailored to enterprise security and operational needs. Turbot provides mappings for guardrail options to common control frameworks and regulatory requirements such as NIST, HIPAA, CIS, GxP, PCI, and many others.

Turbot is an AWS Advanced Technology Partner, AWS Public Sector Partner, Google Cloud Partner, and Microsoft Partner. Turbot also holds the AWS Life Sciences Competency, and the AWS Security Competency. For more information about Turbot, and how Turbot can help your company, please contact us or schedule a demo.