Accelerating Joint Ventures & Strategic Alliances

Many organizations face huge legal and technical challenges in arranging for hosting of data and applications in ways that are agreeable to all parties of a collaboration, because the entity hosting the data can exert control by means of network/physical access.

Modern cloud IaaS and PaaS solutions have the potential to deliver new technical capabilities that can solve many of these barriers. Turbot’s Software Defined Operations Platform ensures that all parties have visibility to, and management of, key controls that enforce policies and contractual obligations:


These types of data and application-centric collaborations leverage the full range of Turbot’s capabilities:

  • Acceleration from Turbot’s networking and collaboration patterns
  • Federation of user authentication across multiple directories
  • Virtual workstation technology to ease onboarding and control data egress
  • Strong and transparent cross-company logging and audit capabilities
  • Mappings to industry standard control frameworks (e.g. NIST, PCI, GxP, HIPAA)
  • Preventative, Detective and Corrective Controls based on joint policy decisions.
  • Point & click management of time-limited access grants.

To read more about how Turbot can help companies overcome the technical complexity of enabling rich collaboration networks request a copy of our white paper, “Enterprise Collaboration Patterns”, or contact us to schedule a demo.