Our intrepid (and incredibly prolific) dev team continues its assault on “Turbot Enabling” all of the new services launched at re:Invent. On Dec 7th we released a new build that added support for four additional services: AWS Server Migration Service, AWS Shield, AWS Step Functions, and AWS X-Ray. Each service has its IAM permissions mapped across the Turbot Account Hierarchy, enabling seamless management of roles across accounts and clusters.

Turbot Execution

All of this is in addition to our previous re:Invent announcements: Polly/Rekognition & CodeBuild/PHD and our support for the new AWS Canada Region. We believe that there is no better way to demonstrate both the power of the Turbot platform and our commitment to enabling native access to cloud services, than the speed and priority by which we enable new features.

Migration Service + Safe Landing Zones

These services offer incredible new capabilities for our enterprise customers, and we are especially excited for the Migration service. Turbot’s Software Defined Operations (SDOps) platform has a unique set of capabilities that makes it the perfect landing zone for enterprise application migrations. (More on this soon…) Working with us to pre-create the multi-account environment and setup your Enterprise Policy Guardrails that will be enforced as these servers land in the cloud is key to making the migration process a success.

To learn more about how Turbot’s Software Defined Operations platform can help you with safe landing zones for migrations, please contact our sales team: sales@turbothq.com