During Andy Jassy's re:Invent keynote yesterday, he visually demonstrated what our customers have been telling us all year: AWS's pace of change has massively accelerated in 2016:

Pace of Change

The Turbot team feeds off the challenge of maintaining pace with AWS, and today we are happy to announce support for two new AWS services that were launched yesterday: Amazon Polly and Amazon Rekognition.

Polly is a new service that turns text into speech using simple API calls, making it easy to add voice to a variety of applications. This will enable a key Enterprise use case that is typically unmet due to technical constraints: accessibility solutions for sight-impaired users of your enterprise applications, websites and mobile apps.

With Rekognition, Amazon has created an API for customers to leverage the deep learning technology used by Amazon's Prime Photo service. Enterprises will likely find uses for this type of image analysis in use case involving facial recognition/authentication and customer sentiment analysis.

Both of these service APIs can now be enabled in Turbot's options list across the entire enterprise or for an individual cluster or account through our simple point and click interface:

Polly Rekognition Enabled

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