The Turbot team was re:Energized by our week at re:Invent and the chance to meet with both customers and the AWS Product Teams. On Thursday we announced our support for Amazon’s new Polly and Rekognition services, and we are excited to follow that up with today’s announcement of support for AWS CodeBuild and Personal Health Dashboard.

Vogels reInvent 2016 Keynote

Both were announced during Werner Vogels’ Keynote and our incredible development team wasted no time in ensuring that integrated IAM roles and Application Enabled Options Guardrails for the services were implemented in our latest build.

CodeBuild Health Enabled

AWS CodeBuild

CodeBuild is a new fully managed continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) service that compiles source code, runs tests, and produces deployable software packages. Turbot’s IAM integration allows your cloud operations team grant access to CodeBuild across your account heiarchy in a way that supports least privilege and separation of duties, unlocking agility for your development teams while ensuring control for the enterprise.

AWS Personal Health Dashboard

Personal Health Dashboard (PHD) provides alerts when AWS is experiencing events that may impact your workloads. Personal Health Dashboard customizes your view of AWS performance and availability based on which services, regions and availablitly zones you are using. Turbot’s integration allows the enterprise to manage availability and access to PHD through a simple point and click interface; while Turbot’s Guardrails can ensure that all PHD actions are logged as an audit trail for all users in all regions of all accounts.

As part of these integrations, the following new groups have been enabled by Turbot in the latest version:

  • AWS/CodeBuild/Admin – Create and delete projects.
  • AWS/CodeBuild/Operator – Manage builds and update projects.
  • AWS/CodeBuild/Metadata – Browse metadata on builds and projects.
  • AWS/Health/Metadata – Describe event summaries, details, and affected entities.

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