The value proposition for delivering self-service cloud infrastructure and cost transparency to the enterprise is huge, but it can pose new challenges for both IT and their business partners. Often, the hardest challenge is trying to figure out how to maximize value from a cloud strategy, while controlling costs.

As you might expect, just as their cloud program begins taking off, many of our enterprise customers start to worry about having visibility to the cost and utilization of their rapidly growing cloud ecosystem.

CloudCheckr Dashboard

Turbot’s dashboard shows you and your users the total AWS cost on an account by account basis to help your application teams optimize their usage and utilization; however, there is even more that an enterprise cloud team can do to cost optimize their environment. So much in fact, that the cloud team can be consumed in tweaking and tuning to the nth degree, or worse end up feeling overwhelmed by the deluge of information and options available to them, and do nothing.

Turbot has worked with many of our customers on addressing this challenge. Today, we are happy to announce a new partnership between CloudCheckr and Turbot to address these concerns and add significant value for our joint customers. This integration with CloudCheckr will give your teams additional tools to save money, track your spending, and optimize your AWS cloud resources.

Together, Turbot and CloudCheckr, work seamlessly to protect, automate and synchronize these capabilities with Turbot’s hierarchical user and multi-account model. This simplifies setup of CloudCheckr within your environment, ensuring you are accelerating utilization across all of your AWS accounts. Through this integration you get the combined value of:

  • Automated Account Sync
    • Keeps all your Turbot, AWS Accounts and CloudCheckr Accounts in-sync.
    • Allows you to to globally sync all accounts or specific accounts.
    • Auto-creation of multi-account views based on Turbot’s implementation & clusters.
  • Automated User Sync
    • Extend IAM model to include CloudCheckr, using existing Active Directory credentials.
    • Simple assignment of CloudCheckr roles to existing users.
    • Assign permanent or time limited access per Turbot cluster or account.

The Turbot-CloudCheckr integration ensures consistency and saves your cloud team time and effort by setting up the tooling and access for each of your individual AWS accounts. Turbot can even auto-create appropriate multi-account views based on your Turbot cluster setup.

Turbot CloudCheckr Options

We encourage use of CloudCheckr by our customers and promote it as a best practice. This integration has become a core feature of Turbot and is included as part of your license. If you are interested in using CloudCheckr, please contact us and we will connect you to the their sales team for a free trial. Already a CloudCheckr customer? Setup a time with us to configure the new CC integration options in Turbot.