With the use of Turbot Guardrails, Celgene has been able to utilize Amazon Web Services (AWS) in an enterprise environment to speed innovation while adhering to industry best practices. Turbot automatically enforces polices across environments including accounts, networking, virtual machines, databases, storage, and other services. By allowing access to AWS services, a new breed of applications have been brought onboard that enables velocity, cost savings, and insights that were not possible before.

Prior to Celgene's use of Turbot, AWS was off-limits to research due to security concerns. By bringing on Turbot, which can easily isolate workloads and supervises access, Celgene Research has been able to conduct HPC simulations across thousands of nodes in a secure yet flexible manner. Minimization of potential blast radius of applications has been crucial in gaining acceptance from security and the overall enterprise.

Turbot automatically provides continuous security and compliance enforcements that operate programmatically in the background enforcing hundreds of policies across various AWS Services and OS environments. This allows Celgene's Cloud Infrastructure team to focus less on managing a cloud platform and be more supportive to their researchers helping them automate and architect more mature cloud patterns. With the success of the current implementations (which only started as a few workloads late 2015), Celgene has rapidly extended to dozens of accounts with plans to double by end of year.