Turbot OS Tier

Turbot supports many Linux OS flavors whether the customer brings their own Amazon Machine Image (AMI), or Turbot manages the OS tier:

  • AWS Linux
  • CENTOS 6 & 7
  • RHEL 6 & 7
  • Ubuntu 12 & 14

Within these Linux flavors, Turbot provides options for point and click guardrails that can be applied across one or many AWS accounts:

  • Enforce specific custom AMIs are only used.
  • Enable/disable specific AWS Linux quick start images.
  • Automatically apply Center for Internet Security (CIS) Level 1 or 2 Benchmarks.
  • Patch Management on custom maintenance time frames.
  • User Management from Active Directory (AD) - user accounts, roles, groups, and sudo rights managed.
  • Environment Variable configurations.