Turbot’s powerful network isolation for applications offers a lot of protection, but sometimes an application really needs access to an internal resource like a database, application server, or similar.

With today’s launch of custom egress rules for VPCs, Turbot maintains the protection of network isolation but adds flexibility for custom egress rules to be added to VPCs.

Application owners are automatically approved to add up to 10 specific IP/port combinations for egress to intranet locations - giving them the flexibility to configure their application environment, while maintaining protection for general access through the intranet.

Account custom VPC egress rules

Cluster administrators have more power, with the ability to open any combination of ports for any CIDR range for any VPC. A simple approach to allow exceptions or wider access for specific applications.

Cluster custom VPC egress rules

We look forward to your feedback on custom egress rules, and continue our work towards the perfect balance between agility and control for enterprise applications.